Zomorod Noor Sperlos company started its activity in the field of lighting industry since 1378 and in this way it has succeeded in satisfying its domestic and foreign customers. This company has taken a big step towards the production of decorative, burial and landscape lights in a professional and specialized manner by using the knowledge of the world and using the experience of the activists in this field. With the aim of production and employment, Zomorod Noor Sperlos Company has planned and created specialized production departments and it goes without saying; The lighting industry complements the art of architecture and space creation, and in this regard, we must accept the fact that designers and architects can display their creations in a more stylish way by using the modern technology of this industry.

Jet light and lawn lamp

The jet light and lawn lamp has the ability to throw light with great power in the direction you want. Therefore, they can be easily used for facades of buildings or high walls in green spaces. Jet light and lawn lights have the ability to repel heat, and after long-term use, they will not be damaged in any way, and since special anti-UV lenses are used in their construction, they can repel sunlight and even in the daytime. also continue lighting. The lamp used in the jet lights is a strong and low-consumption led lamp, and their long-term use will reduce costs and energy.

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