Zomorod Noor Sperlos company started its activity in the field of lighting industry since 1378 and in this way it has succeeded in satisfying its domestic and foreign customers. This company has taken a big step towards the production of decorative, burial and landscape lights in a professional and specialized manner by using the knowledge of the world and using the experience of the activists in this field. With the aim of production and employment, Zomorod Noor Sperlos Company has planned and created specialized production departments and it goes without saying; The lighting industry complements the art of architecture and space creation, and in this regard, we must accept the fact that designers and architects can display their creations in a more stylish way by using the modern technology of this industry.

Zomorod Noor One-way square decorative lamp (base color/5W) code 178

Light color: sunny, moonlight, amber

Power: 5W

Size: L82 * W65 * H67 mm


Zomorod Noor square one-way decorative lamp (base color/5W) code 178

Today, paying attention to the interior decoration of buildings is of great importance, so you can use the square one-sided decorative lamp Zomorod Noor (base color/5W) code 178 in the interior design of buildings. As you know, interior decoration design means harmonizing different elements and components of an environment to show the colors, furniture and other objects in a room or building. Decorative lamps are actually a new generation of lighting tools, which are used in different environments to provide light and give more effect to the environment. Decorative lights have prominent and different geometric forms, and with a beautiful appearance, they are one of the most important parts of modern design in specialized and decorative lighting. The beautiful and modern design of decorative lights creates a modern atmosphere.

It is not suitable to use the Zomorod Noor decorative lamp without IP in places that are close to water and moisture, so it is better to use IP samples of these products in order to prevent the lamp from burning.


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